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Sunday, March 29, 2009

~ant story~

dh lama dh xupdate blog ni..malas rsnye..

umm..nite before mid sem olidays started,mmg rs enjoy abis r..blh cuti. 2weeks..ape lg,rela korbankan wktu tdo mlm tu dgn bgayut..haha..

dlm pkul 1.30pg,aku stil xleh tdo lg. umm..borimnye..

oh ye! veritas magazine!

magazine ni pdt dgn nukilan2 student kt kolej aku. mmg bbakat diorg ni..cayelah! tpikir jgk bila la aku blh ddicate somtg mcm diorg buat..huh! lmbt lg la kot..

helaian demi helaian aku baca,,sampaila kt page62,,

Ant Story-Nur Aqlili

I tell you I am an ant,
Crawling around looking for food,
To fulfill my stomach's desire,
Like a lion searching for a deer...

I tell you I am an ant,
That cooperates and understands well,
Living in a society,
Like an ant with its buddies...

I tell you I am an ant,
Leading a big ant parade,
To a place that has been made,
Like a soldier in an army...

Thank God I am not what I was telling you just now,
Today I am an ant,
Tomorrow I wanna be a lion,
I can be anything I want,
Human...what a great feature I am...

haha..rs xcaye pn ade gak. mcmane la karya aku ni blh tmsuk gak dlm veritas..
....aqlili..(tersenyum lebar)..

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